Best breweries in Idaho Falls

Best breweries in Idaho Falls

As the season changes a bit, it’s getting more tempting to get out into town and make a toast.

This can be your own special occasion to tap into the latest trends and long-lasting favorites of the craft beer world. So no matter if you like IPAs or sours, there’s a brewery that is moving at your pace. Here are some of the best breweries around that crate some tasty brews you will want to try and reorder the next time you’re in the mood for a super smooth or extra hoppy glass of brew that’s always flavorful.

Idaho Brewing Company

Known for its award-winning, hand-crafted ales and lagers, Idaho Brewing Company belongs on every craft beer lovers’ to-go list.

The tasting room is as stunning (overlooks the Snake River) as it is relaxing and inviting to all beer lovers. On some days, you’ll hear live music and on other nights, you find livelier crowds who make their own music.

Brew tasters love coming to Idaho Brewing Company for its consistency of year-round brews. What a Pear, Idaho Pale Ale, Intimidation India Pale Ale, Deep Creek Ale, Maggie’s Dog Slobber Brown Ale, Black Lager, Highland Scotch Ale and Wolf’s Oatmeal Stouts are always on tap.

Seasonal brews, which eventually make their way to the tap, come in all types at Idaho Brewing Company. From sessions ale, Hefeweizen, IPA and ale, you will find a unique craft drink made from a variety of malts and hops that will trigger all your senses.

Snow Eagle Brewing & Grill

This microbrewery serves up some classic American pub food, Japanese dishes and sushi. But you gotta go for the brews.

Winner of the North American Beer Awards, the beer menu is not as extensive as you’d expect, but it is mightily delicious and satisfying. The Ty’s cream ale is crisp and features a refreshing finish. The sweet aroma is matched by the expert selection of hops used for this craft drink. It is also a drink you should order during hotter, summer months.

The Snow Eagle IPA has changed over the years, but the effect is still the same. It remains pleasant to drink and bold in floral and citrus flavors. The change is in the form of added hops. Snow Eagle goes above and beyond and uses a variety of hops for that in-your-face flavor.

Visitors also enjoy the imperial stout, bourbon barrel strong ale and citrus hazy IPA.

Portneuf Valley Brewing

Take a short drive to Portneuf and explore the flavors of fine beer making. Open since 1996, Portneuf Valley Brewing has perfected the art and continues to be a destination for all beer lovers.

Full production began about two decades ago and established Portneuf, which is known for its beautiful historic wood and brick building, cozy atmosphere, great eats and award-winning craft brews.

If you visit, make sure to ask about the four seasonal beers or the special flight that lets you get a real good sense of the quality and flavors of Portneuf’s brews.

The Grog IPA is the brewery’s premium India Pale Ale and upon tasting it you will notice a punchy malt flavor and hop bitterness at optimal proportions. The midnight satin is an extra-creamy stout that is highlighted with sweet malt and subtle roasted coffee flavors. Most people who try it describe it as having a full-body taste and unexpected balance for a stout.

Other notable drinks include the Krystal Weizen, cousin of the classic Hefe. It is light, crisp and refreshing, especially as the days get a little warmer. Many fans come back to this Weizen because of its low hop character and its high drinkability factor. Other beers to consider at Portneuf are the Ligertown lager, a classic all-malt and all-American pilsner and the twisted stick, an American amber ale with strong caramel flavor and just the right amount of maltiness for a nice, medium body and satisfying finish.

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