Best mountain biking trails in Treasure Valley

Best mountain biking trails in Treasure Valley

As spectacular as Boise’s terrain and features can be, a whole new dimension of natural beauty is unlocked on a mountain bike.

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors on two wheels, Treasure Valley and the Boise area is mountain biking heaven with miles upon miles of approachable and more challenging mountain biking courses.

So if your mind is set on adrenaline-inducing adventures along some of Boise’s most scenic spaces, here are some incredible trails you won’t want to miss out on this mountain biking season.

Watchman Loop

As one of the most recommended trails to test out, Watchman is must-see and must-ride for various reasons.

This high-quality trail is modern and hardpacked for optimal navigation. It’ll take you along a route that puts the upper foothills front and center. Your helmet strap may barely be able to hold your jaw closed as you take in the surrounding views.

At about 3.5 miles, riders will need to be aware of the narrow paths and steep climbs. And depending on when you venture out, you’ll also be treated by wildflowers that light up the hills like an intense clear-sky sunrise.

Shingle Creek

Riders of all levels particularly enjoy this trail for its two distinct features. First, the trail will be a little raw and narrow. But that’s not to say it will be without any fireworks. Plenty of steep drops and a nearby creek will delight you.

It is considered a single track, ascending from the hills into the pines. As riders progress into the second leg of the trail, they’ll veer out of the canyon and onto hillside. The track there is repurposed into a modern single track. And it is the perfect companion to the next trail you’ve got to check out: Dry Creek.

Dry Creek

There was a time that Dry Creek was off the map. But it’s too good to leave off.

Riders love the changing personalities of the trail. First, it’s a little dry along the sandstone cliffs. But soon enough it magically transitions into lush, green forest. As you move along, you’ll notice water crossings and newly added bridges. Given the altitude, the easternmost section of the trail is ideal for launching into a downhill excursion. This trail stretches for nearly eight miles.


If you have a need for speed, then look no further than Sidewinder.

Hardpacked, this trail is fast with plenty of flow so you can enjoy the ride, views and speed. When the trail isn’t heavily used, riders whiz by and will observe the beautiful sightlines with a little blur.

In drier times, the trail can get a little sandy and is about 1.3 miles in length.

Freestone Ridge

Opposite of Sidewinder is Freestone Ridge, a two-mile trail that seems to be just the right distance for all outdoor enthusiasts. For bikers, it’s a nice mid-length outing that sprouts out of Military Reserve.

When you go downhill, you notice a fast uptick to your speed; when you’re uphill, you have to brace for a little challenge.

Berm Baby Berm

For something a little more technical and advanced, Berm Baby Berm will bring the heat.

This rollercoaster of a dirt trail will wear down your shock absorbers with every jump and twist. And with every change in direction, you won’t have to worry about pedaling, as the momentum will carry you through. It’s a treasure of a trail, especially with its impressive number of berms.

There are a few beginner tabletop jumps but its main game are the various berms, which lend themselves well for downhill riding only.


For something at a little slower pace, give Ridgecrest a try.

It features modest winding paths and is also a single track that will get you to where you want to go without any extra exertion. It’s also important to know that this particular trail is also popular among hikers. The views of the surrounding landscapes and downtown Boise are one of a kind.

It’s just a little over one mile.

Femrite’s Patrol

Named after a patroller who roamed the foothills by motorcycle, this trail is great for downhill mountain biking.

At about 3.5 miles, it’s also steep and loose enough to take you on a very active and rowdy ride.

Three Bears

Escape the big crowds and enjoy the solitude along Three Bears, a nearly three-mile trail that has three steep sections that will get your heart pumping.

The most challenging climb is Papa Bear and it will likely require some dabbing if not perfect pedaling to conquer. Once you head downhill, you will pick up some speed with plenty of open sight lines.


If Ridgecrest left you a little hungry for more, then hop onto Bucktail for a little extra wind in your hair.

As swoopy as they come, Bucktail is the main attraction to the Military Reserve trail system. Popular for all comers, the trail is packed with mellow curves and gradual grade changes. Be warned: After some rain, this trail can get a little muddy and puddly.

Treasure Valley is an adventurer’s wonderland. It’s yet another reason people like calling it home. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Treasure Valley, contact us today.