Best Places to Mountain Bike in McCall, Idaho

The robust demands of mountain biking revive your body to release natural endorphins that help the body feel good and gain more energy. Mountain Biking also increases serotonin, an essential neurotransmitter in the brain that allows for halting depression and anxiety.

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Here we have a list of the best places to mountain bike, providing you with enough information like when places are going to be open, when they are going to be closed, the no-go zones, what the timings are, where the places connect and from where and most importantly, how your experience will be.

Payette Lake Peninsula Trail

This is one of the easy double-tracked places for mountain biking. It is a 4-mile track which can be completed in approximately 75 minutes. This place is quite popular for mountain biking, so there is a high chance you will meet people here.

This place is closed for cyclists in the winter seasons when there is a chance of avalanches, which is from December to March. The trails and paths are well paved, and it is a great place to bring along children. You won’t have to worry about the trails.

Along with all the physical activities, you will definitely fall in love with the beautiful views of the lake, and if you want to do something else, swimming in the lake is a good option.

Huckleberry Bay Loop

The Huckleberry Bay route is made by connecting a few different trails and is a combination of a single track and two tracks. This track is 4.7 miles, which can be covered in approximately in 2 hours.

The tracks are short, and even if you have to drive through them, the beauty of this area is worth the effort. The route can be driven in either direction, but be sure to make the short detour up the road to the lookout overlooking the Narrows of Payette Lake.

The weather in this place is always pleasant, and the views are just something else. The track, road and gravel are all maintained and have been built at such a height that it keeps your biking interesting. One thing you may notice is that you may not see as many people as you might expect.

Bear Basin Grand Traverse Loop

This track is another popular track for mountain biking. It is 7.7 miles, which would take approximately a little less than 2 hours to complete. And even if you are not mountain biking, you can always sit quietly in the silent times of the day and listen to nature. The best time of the year to visit this track is in October when the weather is pleasant.

Bear Basin isn’t particularly technical or complex.

Be sure to sit motionless for a few minutes to listen to the forest animals. You will be surprised how many and how close they are. Bear Basin has a great design with many smaller loops connecting. None of the trails are long, but by merging several of them, you can make the journey as long or as short as you like. Signs are posted at all intersections to help you locate your way.

East Fork Lake Fork Creek Trail

This track has many technical climbs that lead to open sections of single-track, a good combination. This track is 4.4 miles long, which might take you approximately 85 minutes to complete.

East Fork of Lake Fork is a fantastic cross-country ride with some difficult rock sections varied with smooth single-track riding. High pine forests open to alpine meadows. The trail continues past the large creek for another mile of good, but challenging driving.

Majestic mountain peaks rise above your head, dotted streams ripple along the trail and there is an abundance of wildlife. This is a great way to get out and see stunning scenery. The trip itself is relegated to the general experience of the area.

Be sure to pay attention to the trail, and there are some technical sections to focus on.

McCall, Idaho is full of great outdoor adventures. It is one of the many reasons why so many love to live here. If you are interested in McCall, Idaho real estate, contact us today.