Boise hiking destinations that belong on your must-visit list

Boise hiking destinations that belong on your must-visit list

The natural beauty of Boise is self-evident no matter where you look, especially if you love to explore.

Thank goodness that the opportunities for hiking are all around and nearby. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, or just enjoy getting some sun and air, there are few consideration to be mindful of when you plan your next great adventure.

While almost every trail you visit in the area will be memorable, enjoyable and naturally stunning, remember that some trails shine a little more brightly during certain parts of the year. And some trails are more accessible than others.

Here are some of the area’s best hiking destinations that are accessible and gleaming with natural beauty.

Table Rock

What a view. For one of the most spectacular views of Treasure Valley, Table Rock is the picture-perfect choice.

As regulars know, this particular trail can get quite busy during parts of the year, but the trip will be well worth it. Even if there’s a few extra people around, nothing can take away from the breathtaking views.

In just about 45 minutes to an hour, and with a modest incline, you can reach the trail’s giant cross landmark and the surrounding view. If you embark on a later hike, make sure to stay for the sunset.

Harrison Hollow

If you love to explore the outdoors with your furry pals, this is the hike to do.

Located on the edge of North End, this accessible trail follows a narrow valley. The single-track trail is wider than you’d expect and is perfect for letting your dog off the leash. On some days, you might mistake the trail for a dog park.

If you prefer less bark and fewer tails, try navigating the trail along the ridge line and circle around. You’ll take in some amazing views of downtown Boise. With spring and summer upon us, don’t forget that certain parts of the trail can get a little hot.

Polecat Gulch Reserve

If you ever heard of Polecat Gulch Reserve, you probably also hear all the hype about this trail. Believe it.

The trail is easy to find right off Collister Road and features several loop options, including a behemoth six-miler. Hikers will begin to feel some elevation almost from the start then will be enveloped with the view. If you venture out during the colder months, the snowcapped foothills will really capture the imagination.

Dry Creek

The ever-changing nature of Dry Creek is one of its most endearing characteristics.

Located within the Boise National Forest, the trail follows a peaceful stream through canyons, meadows, greenery and mysterious forest. Hikers will find something new every time. But a word of caution: The trail is known to have critters and snakes.

Hikers can opt to follow the 4.7-mile long Shingle Creek portion or combine it with Dry Creek for nearly 14 miles of hiking. The exciting hike and all its landscapes attract all outdoor lovers, including hikers, bikers and runners.


Not too many trails have the width of Corrals. And not many trails provide the expansive views, either. When you embark on Corrals, you’re in for a special treat. The views out to the Owyhee Mountains are one of a kind, especially if you decide to venture out right before the heat sets in.

The long stretches of land are also suitable for off-leash dog walking and play. You won’t have to worry about crowded corners or tight trails. There’s almost always great visibility on this trail, which is great for both safety and taking in all the sights.

This trail is easy to get to, as it will only take about five minutes to reach it from Bogus Basin Road.

Stack Rock Trail

It’s a little drive to get out there, but the 25-minute drive from the North End will transport you to a hiker’s paradise.

Immediately, hikers will notice the cooler air, which makes this an ideal destination for a summer hike when other places might get steamy. The cooler surroundings are due to the alpine climate. While there’s plenty of shade, make sure to put on some sunscreen to explore the stunning open vistas.

You can take on the entirety of the trail in under 10 miles, which will lead you to granite rock and inspiring views of Treasure Valley, even if it appears somewhat far way.

Boise and its surrounding area are a beautiful region. That is one of the many reasons why people love to call it home. If you are interested in purchasing Boise real estate contact us today!