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Tee off to your heart’s content

Imagine waking up each morning to the total beauty of the outdoor landscape and the spectacular sights and sounds of a championship-caliber 18-hole golf course right in your own back yard in Boise Idaho.

Teeing off for a round of golf anytime is just one of the many benefits residents of a 55+ gated community and golf course can count on.

Teeing off to your heart’s content is meaningful in more than one way no matter your skill level. Direct and regular access to a top-notch golfing facility gives golf lovers a welcomed escape for more practice days and extra opportunities to compete alongside their peers. Days filed with happiness and relaxation will quickly pile up with each round you play. While year-round golfing is enough excitement to fill the entire household, there is so much more to living in a golfing community than one initially expects.

Golf membership

Unlike other golf memberships, the mileage of holding a pass to a golfing facility so close to home can go much further.

It will set you up to reap all the benefits of membership, particularly since you will be one of the regulars given the course’s proximity to home. Your regular participation means everyone will know your name as you build new friendships and camaraderie with others who also have a passion for the game.

This added sense of community and belonging can inspire you to take your game to the next level. Your golf world is suddenly expanded, leading you to trips with your friends and exposing you to other golfing events. As you build your skillset through regular practice and competitive matches, you can also take advantage of members-only clinics, league events and more.

As a golfing member, your program will feature unlimited golf and no hidden fees. You can also sign up for your preferred tee time and get discounts on golfing accessories, attire and cart rentals. Your guests can also take part in the benefits of your membership. Access to pro shops and members-only café and dining are some other perks.

Before you know it, you’ll be swinging with the best of them at other local leagues and associations. Then, when the events and league play simmer down for the season, you still have the next morning to get back on the course.

Fun physical activity

At this age, you welcome all physical activity that comes your way. As an active member of a thriving 55+ golfing community, staying active never felt so good.

Living in a golfing community puts you smack in the middle of all the action that attracts people just like you. As your friendships grow on the course, you will also get all the blood-flowing activity you need, and then some.

Walking, swinging, turning and twisting will work wonders for your cardiovascular health. If you skip the golf cart, you will be getting plenty of steps that will light up on your Apple Watch of other fitness device. Regular play on the course will also help you build muscle strength along your hamstrings and quadriceps. There’s plenty of upper body exercise involved, as well, each time you swing and carry your bag.

If you’re in it for weight control, golfing is an excellent sport to burn calories and stay motivated. One outing can burn off as much as 1,000 calories, which can help you maintain your weight goals and keep you moving toward the next fitness goal. Golfing is also a thinking game that will engage your most important muscle of all. The skill building and concentration you put to use each day can help reduce memory loss and improve hand-eye coordination. In addition, this activity will promote blood flow to all parts of the body, including the brain.

Time with friends

As a stress reliever, golfing with friends will warm your heart and soul.

You will quickly find that your neighbors are just as passionate about the game as you. This shared interest will build a sense of community and purpose. Time spent with friends will improve you mental health and social life, which are essential to your overall well-being.

Staying physically, mentally and socially active can ward off the negative effects of loneliness and isolation. After retirement, opportunities to spend quality time with your peers seemingly become fewer and farther between. But not here. A golfing community opens up the doors to new adventures and life-long friendships that will keep you on the move and invigorated each time you swing.

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