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Investor paradise: 10 benefits to buying land and ranch properties

Vacant land might not appear as a sure bet, but it can be an extremely fruitful investment. Owning a ranch can also be enriching.

Often overlooked and perhaps more so misunderstood than anything else, an investment in land can produce strong cash flow in a very passive way. Property owners will certainly relish in the hands-off approach to vacant land investment. Ranch ownership has its own upsides, too.

If you’re weighing the prospects of owning land or living on a ranch, here are 10 reasons that put into focus the many benefits.

Simplicity – land

At the right price, a piece of land is packed with potential even as it sits there with little movement or none at all. As a result, landowners will experience stability, a rarity in some markets. While many investors will dismiss raw law as nonstarter, it can be a tremendous opportunity to add simplicity to your portfolio.

No construction, no renovations. As the landowner, you won’t have to further invest for a handsome ROI. Your patience will pay off and all the pieces will come together as soon as you find the right investor with a grand vision for the land.

Eager sellers

Buying land will be far easier than buying developed land. Typically, vacant landowners are motivated to sell. Perhaps they are not as patient or want to move on from being absentee owners. Their perspective is your advantage.

Another way to think about it: Since the land is not occupied by a tenant and is developmentally empty, the landowners feel less emotional connection to the investment. That can be leg up when it comes to negotiating a deal to buy the land.

Hands-off investment

Real estate is seldom laissez-faire, just ask a residential property manager and owner.

As owner of raw land, however, you won’t have to deal with tenant complaints, leaky sinks or broken air conditioning units.

Once you make the purchase, you’ll take a hands-off approach until you plan and executive your next big move. Even then, you shouldn’t expect to get your hards dirty.

Avoid loans

If timed and executed meticulously, purchasing vacant land is possible with cash only. This dodges the need for a lender to facilitate the transaction and allows you to save on financing costs.

Long-term prospects

Owning a piece of land is a great investment given the cost. At the right price, you can hold onto land without having to worry about ongoing mortgage or utility bills. The costs for insurance will be negligible in the grand scheme of things, or unnecessary. Property taxes will also be inexpensive. Parking some capital into a vacant land can be just the long-term investment opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Peace, tranquility and privacy – ranch

Escaping city life can be a godsend.

If you’re seeking unparalleled peace and privacy, ranch living is made for you.

When you live on a large swath of land or on a ranch, you’ll have it all to yourself and no neighbors within shouting or even walking distance.

It’s the kind of tranquility that’s simply not possible in suburban or urban living.

Near nature

If you’re a creature of nature, then ranch living makes a lot of sense. Residents can reconnect with nature all the time because they’ll be in center of it. Rolling landscape and the many sounds of nature, like bird singing and water movement, are cathartic and soothing at any time of day.

Depending on what part of Boise you select, you will also be near wildlife and plant life that will inspire.

Outdoor fun

Everyday can be an adventure in the great outdoors, which will be your front and back yards.

Whether you love ATVs, hunting or riding a horse, the ranch will be your oyster.

For something a little slow, the vastness of fertile land will lure you to grow gardens, fruits, vegetables. All the excess space will motivate you to move for a light or heavy workout.

Investment opportunities

With all the extra land, ranch owner can open the doors to profitable investment ventures. Growing crops and raising livestock are two traditional income-generating opportunities.

If you’re new to investing, you can take it one step a time and start small then scale up.

Community gardens or renting out portions of the property are two other avenues to generate income.

Fresh air, cleaner environment

Escaping urban life for rural living means you can enjoy fresh air and a cleaner environment every single day.

Living on a ranch is literally a breath of fresh air and can have positive effects on your mental and physical health. Fewer pollutants and cleaner environments will both be pleasing to your eyes and overall health.

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