The best breweries in Boise

Looking for a new place to enjoy your pre-game warmups and rituals? Or maybe you want to unwind and relax with some of your favorite people after a day-long outdoor adventure.

In most cases, there’s no better way than to head to a Boise brewery and sample some new creations and revisit an old favorite. For the best drinks around Boise, here are the region’s best brew makers you should put on your to-drink list.

Barbarian Brewing Downtown Tap Room

With strong traditional roots, Barbarian Brewing relies on handcrafting beers in small batches for optimal flavors. From the funky and sour, every pour is savagely good, offering a change of pace to some of the more familiar drinks you might encounter.

The brewery’s 90 oak barrels are making limited sours, funky beers, bourbon barrel stouts, barley wines and other drinks. They also make hazy IPAs, West Coast IPAs and some cocktail-inspired beers.

White Dog Brewing Co.

The motto at White Dog is to fetch the good life. Named after the owners’ white lab, “fetch the good life” is the brewery’s calling to bring happiness to its customers through great service and even better beer.

For a one-of-a-kind craft beer drinking experience, White Dog more than delivers through its wide-ranging beer offerings that will fit anyone’s palate no matter what they like. This place is also above gimmicks or the latest trend. Instead, it focuses on making the best craft beer possible, without the noise.

A list of rotating beers can be found here.

Lost Grove Brewing

Lost Grove’s vision is to inspire you with each pour. As a believer of sustainable environmental practices, the brewery turns to nature as an example of how to create the perfect beer experience. It strives to get you lost in the moment and enjoy what’s in front of you each time you have an ice-cold glass.

The brewery serves a range of drinks, from IPAs, ales, sours, ciders, wines, cocktails and malty beverages.

Payette Brewing Company

The brew by Payette is inspired by Idaho’s natural beauty that’s found at every trail, river or campground. And it’s one of those drinks that you’ll crack open when inspiration strikes.

For more than a decade, Payette has loyally accompanied adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors. If you share a strong passion for the great outdoors and craft brew, this is a great place to taste uncompromising beer that keeps up with your adventurous spirit through its bursts of flavors.

10 Barrel Brewing Boise

Award-winning and with great staying power, 10 Barrel Brewing is a proven winner for both craft drinks and pub eats. This brewery is home to big IPAs and classic styles. The year-round lineup features several tropical, fruity and potent IPAs, lagers and several simple, but delicious sours.

The brewery’s mountain IPA marries two distinct and popular styles. With super smooth flavor, the West Coast and East Coast Hazy IPA duo is a must-try.

A complete beer list can be found here.

Cloud 9 Brewery

People appreciate and notice Cloud 9’s practice of using locally sourced and organic components and customer feedback for its brewed drinks. As a result of its creative approach, each month you will find a new lineup, giving new meaning to rotating tap. The taps will change as soon as the last drop of beer from the previous batch is served.

Beer fans give their feedback after each glass. With their input, the brewery will shape the direction of the next delicious batch of beer that is for and by the drinker.

As a certified organic and nano brewery, Cloud 9 releases six rotations with each batch, which produces about eight kegs. So, when it comes to variety and outside-the-box ideas, there aren’t many comparisons.

Sockeye Brewing

Sockeye strives to capture what’s quintessentially Idaho. The brewery’s flagship Dagger Falls IPA, which is named after a Class V rapid along the middle fork, captures the state’s natural beauty, wild rivers and landscapes.

From seasonal ales and hazy IPAs, the brewery also cooks up a series of drinks that are soaked in oak. And you’ll love the catch and release series, a collection of imperial IPAs, sours and other occasional rarities that say a lot about how well this place enters the lab and emerges with something refreshingly new.

Edge Brewing Company

From staples you never get tired of to others that are a less known, Edge can push you a little outside your comfort zone with an awesome beer experience. This community of beer enthusiasts blends their passion and knowledge to create innovative and adventurous flavors in every craft beer that is served.

Some of the year-round beers include the Pugzilla, a West Coast IPA with pitch-perfect citrus notes that will nearly bring you to tears it’s so good. Another favorite is the Obligatory DIPA, which is blasted with lemony flavors you won’t soon forget.

Boise Brewing

It started as a backyard Kickstarter and blossomed into its current downtown location. The owner was inspired when he first got involved with a community garden. He wanted to drink a fresh pint of his favorite brew in the same manner in which he received his monthly box of vegetables. Since 2012, Boise Brewing has flourished in that format with its tasty brews and refined process for craft beer making.

Blondes, IPAs, porters, stouts and ale beers make up its list of year-round and always-available beers.

Clairvoyant Brewing Company

You’ll immediately have a good feeling before even sampling your first glass. Clairvoyant is led by a very passionate head brewer and Idaho native who believes that your favorite beer can always be the one you’re currently holding.

From hoppy beers to some more on the darker side, Clairvoyant also pours seltzers, ciders, wine and other beverages.

There are so many wonderful brewery options in Boise, which is another reason why so many love to call it home. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Boise, contact us today!