The best breweries in Eagle, Idaho

One of the best ways you can spend your leisure with your friends is to check out a brewery with your favorite beverage. You can talk about all the things in the world, enjoy the great ambiance, and maybe catch your favorite sports highlights while you’re at it.

Sell Your Idaho has your back and is presenting you with a list of best breweries you can visit in Eagle, Idaho.

Powderhaus Brewing Company

Powderhaus Brewing Company strives to brew exceptional craft beers that deliver supreme flavor, while maintaining their unwavering commitment to consistency. The Powderhaus brand resonates with outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and travel lovers seeking shelter from the storm.

They have a large selection of home-brewed beers. One of the few breweries that not only pays attention to different beer styles, but also body characteristics and degrees. They offer tasting trays if you’re unsure what you want to drink. The restaurant is a misnomer as there are occasionally no dining facilities, but food trucks. Parking is limited until the shops next door close. This is not a big deal for the visitor area.

Sockeye Brewing

The Sockeye’s Brew crew totals more than 70 years of brewing experience and a combined medal count of more than 132 to date, a level unmatched in Idaho. They set the bar for excellence and innovation in brewing very high. They love the process and enjoy testing and sharing the results.

You won’t be disappointed if you’re here for the ambiance, beer or food. Sockeye is a great local brewery that serves full meals with excellent service. The service is excellent as well. If you ask the servers for recommendations, they will tell you what is best for you depending on your taste. The location is tucked away, but when you pull into the parking lot, you know you’re in for a good time.

Boise Brewing

Boise Brewing might not be the city’s biggest brewery, but each batch puts a little more love into it. And smaller breweries give them the flexibility to ensure there’s something different on the keg every time you walk into the taproom. This brewery also wants to support local farms and businesses. From using local ingredients like honey and fruit to donating spent grain to local farmers, they aim to be an essential part of the community. Lastly, all the beers are vegetarian-friendly and brewed with farm-raised grain.

Cloud 9 Brewery

Cloud 9 Brewery is a Nano pub that was founded in 2012. Nano pub means that it features homegrown and natural components in both the brewery and restaurant. Cloud 9 is uniquely positioned in the market with a focus on creative brewing. Rather than having the same lineup month to month, Cloud 9’s draft beers change as the last drop of the previous batch is poured.

Cloud 9 also has a unique feedback process where they assess beer drinkers’ thoughts. They sort and parse the input and use it to form the address of the following stack. This way, the community is involved in the brewing process from concept to the final frothy pint.

Devotion to quality, service and a genuine interest in the community, make Cloud 9 Brewery the meeting point for beer fans, food lovers and anyone who enjoys fresh, unique culinary creations.

Eagle, Idaho has a ton of great places to eat and drink. It is yet another reason why so many love to call it home. If you are interested in Eagle, Idaho real estate, contact us today!