The best breweries in Twin Falls

The best breweries in Twin Falls

Nothing quite beats the aromas of the hoppy, or not-so-hoppy, flavors of your favorite craft beer.

Whether you like the complexities of an IPA or prefer the smoother libation of a pale ale, the brewery scene in Twin Falls is unparalleled and delivers on everything you love about going out for a round. Not only will you find amazing drinks to add to your lineup of go-tos, you will also find great food and great people.

Here are some of the region’s best breweries to check out the next time you head out for a brew venture.

Milner’s Gate – Idaho Craft Brewery

Milner’s Gate is right in the middle of historical downtown. Located on the ground floor and basement of the recently preserved building, visitors soak in the history and aesthetics from the moment they walk into the brewery.

Its world-class 10-barrel operations is a sight to behold. And the output brew is just as kind on the other senses too.

Here’s a sampling of Milner’s Gate beef offerings: West Coast Style IPA. This drink was released just last year and is already growing into a brewery darling. The full-flavor IPA has plenty of citrus and pine flavors.

Banjo Shredder IPA is one of the very first beers created by the brew master. The recipe was developed and refined at the home-brewing level before taking off. It’s hazy and juicy like a West Coast IPA but also has hints of New England IPA. Combined, the flavors hint at tropical fruit and go down easily.

Winter White-Out Double Belgian Wit is an imperial Belgian wheat ale and is quite unique. It is made with pale malt, white wheat malt, oats, Belgian candi sugar, coriander, orange peel and magnum hops. The result is a powerful, yet balanced drink with a depth of flavor ale fans have come to love.

An impressive wine list and appetizing pub foods are available on the lunch and dinner menus.

Koto Brewing Co.

Koto Brewing Co. has lineage dating to the early 1900s, when a Japanese immigrant led the construction of the iconic Koto Building in downtown. Today, more than 100 years later, it remains a gathering place for people to share great bites and amazing brews.

Beer lovers will find a well-rounded list of drinks, including the 80 Grit, an English porter. It tastes toasty, as you’d expect, but it also has a biscuity flavor common to the West Coast Porter.

The Swollen Ego, a blond ale, is on the softer side with hints of apricot and lemon.

Table Base IPA is a dream. Fans of this beer enjoy the pillowy and fruity haziness and the burst of flavors that include papaya, mango, pineapple and kiwi.

Other notable drinks to sample are the Disco Leg IPA, West Coast, American Agenda pale ale, 2nd Base IPA, Hype Man New English IPA, Radio Darkness stout and the Breakfast of Champions, a specialty golden ale.

Magic Valley Brewing Pub on Main

Magic Valley Brewing is family owned and is the culmination of many years of hard work and big dreams. Magic Valley Brewing always wants guests to feel at home and unwind with an excellent craft beverage and food.

The nanobrewery hand makes a couple of barrel batches, which help extract the tightest and most flavorful drinks in various styles and flavors, including the Golden Trout APA, made with mountain and two-row crystal malts. The unexpectedly light pale ale has the right amounts of hops to create a free-flowing drinking experience.

The Mosey on IPA features citra and mosaic hops. This easy-paced IPA is mild and balanced with sweet, floral and citrusy notes that will remind you of tropical tangerine and grapefruit.

Magic Valley’s Basalt Stout is nice, dark and full bodied. It also has a creamy head and coffee-like flavors that will have you asking for another pour.

Other popular drinks to try are El Diablo Corral Jalapeno IPA. Yes, you read that correctly. It is named after the Devils Corral for its surprise pepper flavor. Blue Heart Blond, Shoshone Paintbrush Irish Red and the Temperance Movement Porter are some other drinks to try at Magic Valley Brewing.

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