The best pizza places in Idaho Falls

If pizza is the way to your heart, you will be plenty smitten by all the delicious pizza options in Idaho Falls.

From classic New York and Chicago-style pizzas and modern pies with forward-thinking crusts and toppings, here are some of the area’s best pizzerias to visit the next time your heart comes calling for a special meal.

Lucy’s New York Style Pizza

Lucy’s whips up some of the best dough and sauce around. The entire family will love the classic New-York style flavors and toppings. The family style restaurant is also the perfect restaurant to visit for a fun night out.

All the pies are handmade and hand-tossed using only the freshest and selected ingredients New York pizza is known for.

Each month, customers can pick from the flavor of the month. Some of the pizzeria’s staples include the CBC (cream white sauce, freshly baked chicken and bacon), pacific (classic ham and pineapple), buffalo (with exquisite buffalo sauce and chicken), Blaise (honey stinging ranch sauce with chicken, bacon and mushrooms) and many others. You can also design your own pizza creation.

Pizzas are sized in 12-, 15- and 18-inch pies.

Pie Hole Idaho Falls

Pie Hole uses three-inch pepperonis that are carefully and generously shingled on the nearly 20-inch crust. The pepperoni is one of the more popular pizza pies at Pie Hole. Cheese pizza and garlic cheesy sticks are some other go-to items.

The pizzeria offers thin-crust-style pizza and several specialty pizzas that you might not have tried elsewhere. The BBQ pulled pork pizza is fire and smoke pulled pork, mango, jalapenos, onions, mozzarella and a generous helping of sauce. Other interesting pizza creations are the mac and cheese pizza, drunk candy pizza, Thai chicken pizza and the potato and bacon.

You’re welcome to order your pizza by the pie or slice.

Papa Tom’s Pizza

You’ll feel like family at Papa’s. The founder got started in the 1960s and Papa Tom’s was established in 1983. So, Papa Tom’s knows a thing or two about a quality, hand-made pizza pie and good customer service.

The dough and all the sauces are made in-house, good for numerous best-of awards.

Three cheese, Tim’s buffalo chicken, garlic chicken, Friday delight and the Papa’s deluxe pizza are some local favorites. Order pizza in three sizes, including the family pie that’s good for 16 slices.

Salads and hot sandwiches are some other menu items.

Papa Kelsey’s Pizza and Subs

Another papa that should not be ignored is Papa Kelsey’s Pizza and Sub. The pizzeria believes that it creates masterpieces thanks to its delicious and well-made pizza dough. The pizza-making process at Kelsey’s begins early each morning when pizza artists prepare the immaculate dough for the day.

On the pizzeria’s menu of famous house pizzas is the all-meat supreme (Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ground beef and mozzarella cheese), Hawaiian, vegetarian, Papa Kelsey’s special (lean ham, Italian sausage, olives, fresh mushrooms, green peppers) and Fred delight with meat and mushrooms.

Customers can also order unique flatbread pizzas, such as the cordon blue, BBQ chicken, bacon cheeseburger and other tempting combinations. If you like your pizza made with your own selection of toppings, that’s an option, too.

For a starter, Kelsey’s makes garlic cheese bread, parmesan stix and French fries. And if you like some greens with your pizza, swing by the salad bar for a delicious starter.

Leo’s Place Restaurants

This is a family friendly hub of entertainment (arcade) and amazing pizza. Your entire family will have a blast and can select a special deal that comes with pizza, a pitcher of soda and playland access.

Leo’s is a community staple and has been around for more than 20 years, serving up delicious pizzas and loads of entertainment. Leo’s carnivores pie is made with all the available meats. The whole train (pepperoni, sausage and ham) the engine (pepperoni, ham, bacon and mushrooms) and taco pizza with seasoned beef are some of Leo’s favorites.

Pizza lovers can also try the toppings-stuffed calzone and freshly prepared salads.

Idaho Falls is full of great places to eat, yet another reason why so many people like to call it home. If you are interested in Idaho Falls real estate, contact us today!